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This page contains short descriptions of the following organizations and links to their web sites:

Selected Rhode Island Organizations


Website Excerpt: Crossroads Rhode Island, formerly Travelers Aid of Rhode Island, is the largest homeless services organization in the state. We provide assistance 24-hours a day, seven days a week, for a broad spectrum of Rhode Islanders. We work to solve both the immediate and long-term needs of people in desperate situations, and we are committed to preserving individual dignity and respect for all people, at all times

Rhodes to Independence

Mission Statement: The mission of the Rhodes to Independence initiative is to support the competitive employment of people with disabilities. Rhodes to Independence operates under the auspices of the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy.


Website Excerpt: THE POINT (401 462 4444) provides information, referrals, and help getting started with programs and services for seniors, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers.

Rhode Island Government Agencies within the Office of Health and Human Services (OHHS)

Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF)

Mission Statement: It is the mission of DCYF to assist families with their primary responsibility to raise their children to become productive members of society. We recognize our obligations to promote, safeguard and protect the overall well-being of culturally diverse children, youth and families and the communities in which they live through a partnership with families, communities and government.

Department of Elderly Affairs (DEA)

Mission Statement: To ensure excellence in service, advocacy and public policy dedicated to the needs of older Rhode Islanders and their caregivers through a single, visible and responsive agency.

Department of Health (DOH)

Website Excerpt: Promote the health and wellness of Rhode Islanders with disabilities, prevent secondary conditions resulting from disabilities and chronic health issues and to assure that health care and related services are accessible to all persons with disabilities.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

Mission Statement: The Rhode Island Department of Human Services' mission is to provide a full continuum of quality services to those Rhode Islanders in need including children, adults, families, the disabled, the elderly and our state's veterans. The Department is a full-service agency offering a broad spectrum of high quality programs, services and benefits to help promote family and individual self-sufficiency and economic independence by maximizing opportunity and potential.

Department of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospitals (MHRH)

Mission Statement: The mission of MHRH is to fulfill its statutory responsibilities to fund, plan, design, develop, administer and coordinate a system of services for identified citizens of Rhode Island with specific disabilities. MHRH is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for its consumers and the taxpayers of Rhode Island within its legislated, annual budget.

Additional Rhode Island State Government Agencies

Department of Business Regulation (DBR)

Mission Statement: The industries we regulate include insurance, banking, securities, liquor, real estate, racing and athletics, along with many others. Our mission is to assist, educate and protect Rhode Islanders through the implementation and enforcement of state laws mandating regulation and licensing of these industries and other activities while recognizing the need to foster a sound business environment in the state.

Additional Information Resources

Resource Guide for Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Web-based Resource Guide for Families and Providers of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.