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Find Services Help

This page of the web site will help you search a list of over 3000 organizations that provide social services of all types to residents of Rhode Island. To find a list of organizations that will provide the services you need, first select one of the three search tabs (Search for Topic, Search for Phrase, Advance Search) and follow the instructions for the tab.

Search for Topic tab - The search for Topic tab lists the most popular searches. Select the topic that best matches your need and then click on the "Start Search" button.

Search by Phrase tab - The Search by Phrase tab allows you to search for a phrase that describes your need. Simply type the phrase, or the start of the phrase, in the text box and then click on the "Start Search" button.

Advanced Search tab - The Advanced Search tab makes it possible to perform a search with more complex criteria. It is possible to search for a word or phrase contained in the descriptions of the providers, in the provider name, or in the descriptions of the services the providers can provide. In addition, it is possible to restrict the search to organizations within a specified distance of a zip code, or to an area of the state. You can also check one or more special needs boxes in the list provided to find organizations that meet these needs. By filling in the text boxes and selecting from the pulldown lists you can direct the search to provide a better match for your needs. Finally, the number of results found and displayed can also be restricted to 10, 100, or 200 results. To perform the search, click on the "Start Search" button.