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"FAQs is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQs on this page are organized in two groups:"

Resource Directory FAQ

  1. I searched for a provider organization by typing in a keyword but I could not find it. Where is it?

    Answer: A provider often supplies multiple services. It could be that the word you chose to search on is not linked to a service offered by that provider. Try another keyword in the search. There’s also a chance the social service provider may not be in the database. If not, please click on “Contact Us” to let us know so we can get them into the system.

  2. Do you have information on accessibility at the various providers?

    Answer: We have started to gather information on accessibility for each of the providers in the database. Once we have enough feedback from the providers, we plan to make this information available. We are gathering accessibility information for people who are deaf/hard of hearing, for visually impaired people, or for people who need information on the physical accessibility to buildings.

  3. I found a provider that I was looking for but it does not show much information. Why not?

    Answer: Most of the providers have ample information but there may be some that just have basic information like location and phone. Please click on “Contact Us” to let us know of providers you find that are short on data.

  4. How often do you update the information in your database?

    Answer: Most of the providers in the database are maintained continuously throughout the year by Crossroads Rhode Island – an organization based in that has gathered social service information in Rhode Island for years.

  5. Can I type more than one word into the search like I can with Google?

    Answer: Yes, if you type in two words the search will look for all providers that both those words apply to.

  6. I want to find providers that are close to where I live – how do I do that?

    Answer: Type in your zip code and choose the distance (in miles) from your house that you’d like to look for providers. Only the nearby providers will be shown in the list.

Benefits Screener FAQ

  1. Can I check more than one program at a time?

    Answer: Yes, click as many programs as you’d like or choose all programs. You will be asked the minimum number of questions– you won’t have to answer the same thing twice.

  2. I like the state programs on your website but I am looking for others. Where should I go?

    Answer: If you are looking for a state-funded program, your best bet is to call the state agency that oversees the program. For Social Security federal programs, try You can locate both state and federal agency phone numbers using the government section of the phone book.

  3. The Benefits Checker found that I qualified for a program, but when I followed the eligibility process I found I was not eligible. How come?

    Answer: The Benefits Checker is just that – it checks to see if you might be eligible. You still must go through the application and eligibility process to get into a program. It’s also possible that your data input into the Benefits Checker was off, or perhaps your situation may have changed between running the Benefits Checker and applying for the program.

  4. I entered the information and it says I am eligible. Why do I have to fill out an application?

    Answer: Before the state can officially accept you into a program, it must make sure it checks your situation since it is required to do so by the law.

  5. The Benefits Screener shows I may be eligible for a program. What should I do now?

    Answer: There is information on the final screen that gives you advice on next steps. If you have a printer, it’s a good idea to print out this page and use it for help later on.